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I'm creating a script to grab a bunch of favicons, convert them to png and make a single sprite image out of all of them.

The helpful g.etfv.co will detect and convert favicons in PNG format, and I'm using PIL to montage the images into a sprite sheet.

It all works fine except I seem to lose the alpha transparency channel when I do this.

Resulting image from the below script: enter image description here. Note the black areas that are supposed to be transparent.

Update: Now creating image in mode 'RGBA' rather than 'RGB'. Resulting image is now only partially borked: enter image description here. OKCupid's icon looks correct but stackoverflow's is still losing the alpha channel.

Update: I note that it so happens that images it messes up on it reports as being RGB (not RGBA) prior to conversion.

>>> print url, img.getbands()
http://stackoverflow.com/ ('R', 'G', 'B')
http://www.google.com/ ('R', 'G', 'B')
http://blog.okcupid.com/ ('R', 'G', 'B', 'A')

What am I doing wrong?

import urllib
import PIL.Image
import StringIO

favicon_base = 'http://g.etfv.co/'

icons = """

icons = [icon.strip() for icon in icons.strip().splitlines()]

left = 0
right = 16
upper = 0
lower = 16

inew = PIL.Image.new('RGBA',(len(icons)*16,16))

for url in icons:
    favicon = urllib.urlopen(favicon_base + urllib.quote(url) + '?defaulticon=lightpng').read()

    img = PIL.Image.open(StringIO.StringIO(favicon))
    img = img.convert('RGBA')

    bbox = (left, upper, right, lower)
    inew.paste(img, bbox, img)

    left += 16
    right += 16

inew.save(open('blah.png', 'wb'), 'png', optimize=1)
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Did you have any luck with this? –  Michael Waterfall Nov 27 '13 at 16:54

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The result image inew has no alpha chanel.



inew = PIL.Image.new('RGBA',(len(icons)*16,16))
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So, should he be creating it with inew = PIL.Image.new('RGBA',(len(icons)*16,16)) or what? –  agf Sep 18 '11 at 20:24
just tried that, strangely it fixes the okcupid icon only but stackoverflow's remains borked. I'll update the question with that info –  ʞɔıu Sep 18 '11 at 20:31
tried that, only partial fix. updated question. –  ʞɔıu Sep 18 '11 at 20:42

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