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I want to do sufficient logging for all the incoming http requests from client side - including the http headers, parameters etc. Does Play! framework support that today? Or can I easily "plug-in" my logic to do that?

Another related question is that - instead of using a single log file holding the huge amount of log data over the time, I want to have one log file automatically generated every, let's say, 30 minutes. The log files will be given some sort of sequential numbers so I can go back in time to investigate issues happened few hours ago. Does play! framework support this kind of logging?

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You can do this with a PlayPlaugin, see How to extend the playframework?.

About the log-problem. Use your own category for this log-entries and send them to a RollingFileAppender.

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If you need to display this info as part of your template look at The template implicit objects which you can simply output.

To log in different files every thirty minutes create a log4j.configuration or log4j.xml and setup a RollingFileAppender that rolls ever 30mn.

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