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I can use a managedQuery like this:

Activity a = (Activity) context;
cursor = a.managedQuery(uri, null, null, null, null);

And once I do, I have a cursor that I can step through however I want.

However, using a CursorLoader, when a new CursorLoader is created the onCreateLoader call back method is called. The onCreateLoader call back returns a CursorLoader. How do I get a reference to the cursor so I can step though it, as in managedCursor.

I missing the boat here, appreciate any direction.

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You need to also implement onLoadFinished, this method gives you the Cursor when the asynchronous load has finished

public void onLoadFinished(Loader<Cursor> loader, Cursor cursor) {
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That is what i was looking for, thanks – drod Sep 18 '11 at 22:28

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