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After reading this active post I decided to commit to jQuery as my go-to javascript framework.

Now I am trying to decide which UI framework to learn in combination with my jQuery efforts. Before I default to jQuery UI, I thought I'd ask for feedback from more experienced developers.

I am looking for a framework that is:

  • Stable across browsers (both new and slightly old)
  • Actively developed
  • Highly flexible
  • Packed with featured
  • Well documented
  • Supported by a strong community

Two questions given the list of considerations above:

  1. Does someone have a definitive list of the options worth considering?
  2. Is there any reason not to use jQuery UI?
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jQueryUI is limited in scope and functionality; it kind if depends of what type of UI components you need. There are definitely loads of plugins available, but their quality is highly variable, and altering their behavior is often frustrating.

If you're looking for a full GUI environment I'd probably look elsewhere, if you just need some simple interaction, and you're comfortable modifying things when they don't suit your needs, it's pretty nice.

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