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I have a development website on facebook. It's a canvas application built with mvc3 c#/razor. I'm trying to authenticate the user with the javascript facebook sdk. I'm trying to achieve everything using ajax calls, however, I cannot seem to find a way to ajax load the login(or permissions) dialog into an existing markup id.

function dialogLoad(dialogId, url)
if (typeof (url) == 'undefined' || typeof (dialogId) == 'undefined')
$('#' + dialogId).load(url);
var dialog = $('#' + dialogId).dialog({
    modal: true,

This is a sample function that should make a facebook login page load in a jquery ui modal dialog. Is there any way to embed the login page into my canvas application? However i try to do this, all i get is a "Go to" link instead of my whole app markup, that doesnt even point users in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Also, due to popup blockers and browsers not treating scripts inside iframes well, I'd like to avoid using popups or redirects if possible.

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Hmmm, no popups allowed and no redirects allowed. Kinda defeats both ways Facebook allow you to log in.

Many developers are using FB.login() ( from the Facebook Javascript SDK which does either a dialog or a redirect.

Many more are using the login plugin ( and have had great results.

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