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I'm trying to link Backback and Tropo to send reminders to groups.

Backpack can send reminders via email or SMS, and Tropo can receive messages via a custom SMS number; the problem is that Backback sends the SMS via email, and needs a provider. It can also be activated with a specific url and receives REST or JSON data.

Is there any way to activate a Tropo application using email or find out what provider setting I should use for Tropo?

ON TROPO: Phone Numbers: Voice & Messaging: (705) xxx-xxxx

Outbound Tokens: Voice: ... Messaging: ...

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Tropo does not have an email gateway for receiving SMS. Applications that send SMS by email won't be able to send to Tropo.

One thing you could do is built a small catcher application that receives the REST call from backpack and then makes a REST call to Tropo to send the SMS. It would be sort of like a translator from Backpack's REST api to Tropo's.

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