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I'm trying to grab the value of a td for each row that is checked, and add it to itself to figure out total hours. The following is what I have so far. (Note, I've tried variations of .text, .html, and .val.)

   <tr class="">
      <td><input value="32" type="checkbox"></td>
      <td>Keyword Optimization*</td>  
      <td class="hours" style="">5</td>


So in this case, I'm looking to be able to add "5" to the total hours. Here is my jquery:

hrs = parseInt($(this).find(".hours").val) + hrs;
alert(hrs + " hours.")
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find searches child nodes, meaning that the ".hours" nodes will have to be descendants of the inputs (which is wrong).

another thing is that class="hours" is for a td element, which doesn't have .val(), but has .html().

try this:

    hrs = parseInt($(this).parent().parent().find(".hours").html()) + hrs;
alert(hrs + " hours.")

just to explain:

$(this) is the input

.parent() is the td

.parent() is the tr

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you need () after .html because it's a method, not a property –  maxedison Sep 19 '11 at 0:01
ye noticed and fixed already ;) –  galchen Sep 19 '11 at 0:02
.html() returns a string, so the + hrs at the end will act as a string concatenation rather than numerical addition. Also, .parent().parent().find() is less efficient than simply doing $(this).siblings('.hours'). –  maxedison Sep 19 '11 at 0:32
that's why there's parseInt() around it... and you'll need .parent.siblings(), and the complexity is the same, since there's a search in the siblings list.... depth of nodes isn't deep so find() wont be heavy, difference is minor –  galchen Sep 19 '11 at 1:00
ah, right. my mistake. still, .parent().parent().find() is forcing the browser to do more work than necessary, especially in something as rigidly structured as a table. –  maxedison Sep 19 '11 at 1:02

This will give you the number of hours in the checked row:

    var hrs = $(this).parent().siblings('.hours').text() * 1; //the *1 converts the string '5' to a number
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The docs say that find looks in descendents of the node so I think you need:

hrs += parseInt($(this.parentNode.parentNode).find(".hours").val(), 10);
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Try something like this:

var updateHoursTotal = function () {
  var hours = 0;
  $('#yourtable') // within your table
    .find('input:checked') // get the set of checked boxes
    .closest('tr') // looking up to the enclosing tr
    .find('.hours') // find the .hours cell within
    .each( function(){ // for each
      hours += parseInt( $.trim( $(this).text() ), 10 ); // accumulate total hours
  $('span#counter').html( hours ); // update displayed total somewhere in UI

You could bind a function like this to the click event of each checkbox, for example. If hours can be fractional, a variant solution is left as an exercise.

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