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I'm not sure how to modify the CustomRules.js file to only show requests for a certain domain.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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This is easy to do. On the filters tab, click "show only if the filter contains, and then key in your domain.

enter image description here

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This should be treated as the answer now. Along with Eric's comment for stackoverflow.com/a/746776/157552 – Sameera May 4 '12 at 15:26
This is only the easy way. The @Marc Gravell is the thechnical way. I will not be able to open filers dialog when using fiddler programmatically. Edit the file and adding that is the way i've been looking for. – erm3nda Feb 11 '15 at 12:55
I couldn't get this method to work with sessions printed by fiddler as part of it acting as a reverse proxy – void.pointer Jan 25 at 17:44


Turns out it is quite easy; edit OnBeforeRequest to add:

if (!oSession.HostnameIs("www.google.com")) {oSession["ui-hide"] = "yup";}

filters to google, for example.

(original answer) I honestly don't know if this is something that Fiddler has built in (I've never tried), but it is certainly something that Wireshark will do pretty easily - of course, you get different data (in particular for SSL) - so YMMV.

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Sometimes you'll need to filter by the path or the query, to catch certain requests not the whole activity. I found on the docs that. if (oSession.PathAndQuery=="/version1.css") { oSession.PathAndQuery="/version2.css"; }. Using first the HostnameIS then later the PathAndQuery you can filter exactly just 1 resource. Im impressed with Fiddler. Is not a net toy. – erm3nda Feb 11 '15 at 12:58

My answer is somewhat similar to @Marc Gravels, however I prefer to filter it by url containing some specific string.

  1. You will need fiddler script - it's an add-on to fiddler.
  2. When installed go to fiddler script tag and paste following into OnBeforeRequest function. (Screenshot below)

     if (oSession.url.Contains("ruby:8080") || oSession.url.Contains("localhost:53929")) {  oSession["ui-hide"] = "yup";    }

enter image description here

This way you can filter by any part of url be it port hostname or whatever.

Hope this saves you some time.

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Especially useful for filtering out browerlink urls. Filtering by host alone does not do this. – rism Jan 26 at 20:49

The Fiddler site has a cookbook of a whole bunch of things that you can do with CustomRules.js, including how to do exactly this :)

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Yup, also please keep in mind that you can use the Filters tab in current versions of Fiddler for the same purpose. – EricLaw Jul 30 '09 at 16:41
This link is deprecated. – Cerbrus Nov 25 '14 at 15:22

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