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When implementing a ListPicker, it will crash when there are enough items to make it full screen. It does not crash if there are only 2-3 items and it just expands. I get an ArgumentException, 'The parameter is incorrect'

<toolkit:ListPicker Grid.Row="1" 
                    ItemTemplate="{Binding lpkItemTemplate}" 
                    FullModeItemTemplate="{Binding lpkFullItemTemplate}">

Templates are


    <DataTemplate x:Name="lpkItemTemplate">

        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Content}" />


    <DataTemplate x:Name="lpkFullItemTemplate">

        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Content}" />



I've looked at examples and I havent seen anything different than what I have here and it works. The only difference is the examplesa re doing data binding. I've tried steping through the control's code but I don't see anything that pops. It throws the exception in the base class 'ItemsControl' after the 'OnManipulationCompleted' event handler has completed in the ListPicker.

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

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FullMode only works with DataBinding, and not with static ListPickerItems.

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Thats what I figured. Thank you. –  DustinDavis Sep 19 '11 at 12:53

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