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As I mentioned previously, I have continued to work on this script using node-mysql-libmysqlclient, but I have been encountering some difficulty with actually connecting to the server. My connection script is attached here:

exports.CallStoredProcedureSync = function (test) {

var conn;
var result;
var row;
var rows; // The first four variables are used for storing values calculated later.
var host = "localhost";
var user = "test";
var password = **********;
var database = *******;

var sockets_list = [];
conn = mysql.createConnectionSync();
conn.connectSync(host, user, password, database, 0, 0, conn.CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS);

  if (!conn.connectedSync()) 
  sys.puts("Connection error " + conn.connectErrno + ": " + conn.connectError);
  socket.write("Connection error " + conn.connectErrno + ": " + conn.connectError);
// More code here

However, I can't actually access any of the Code defined after the connection. From what I can see after conducting tests, the client which is connecting to the server just seems to skip over this connection and move on to the other connections. If somebody could tell me where I am going wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. For the record, I am using the test code for node-mysql-libmysqlclient here: https://github.com/Sannis/node-mysql-libmysqlclient/blob/master/tests/complex/test-call-stored-procedure.js.

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Try not using Sync. It's evil. –  Raynos Sep 19 '11 at 1:08
Maybe your complete software blocks because you are using blocking functions. Use the felixge/node-mysql mysql-connector on github. –  Tobias P. Sep 19 '11 at 12:00
Thanks for the feedback Tobias. When you say that I am using blocking functions, what do you mean? Thanks. –  The Gyro Captain Sep 19 '11 at 12:08

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