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I am using windows programming with C++ and have below code:

class A
    virtual void Func1 () {}
    void         Func2 () {}

class B : public A
    __override virtual void Func1 ()  {}

I made a double linked list of B objects using LIST_ENTRY and tried to visit an element in this list in below way:

LIST_ENTRY  * pEntry; // I got this pointer using RemoveHeadList
A           * pA;
pA = CONTAINING_RECORD (pEntry, A, m_le);
pA->Func2 ();         // works fine
pA->Func1 ();         // Access violation

As you see, the pointer retrieved using CONTAINING_RECORD cannot call a virtual function. What could be wrong? Thanks for any help.

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From what I can see in the code, CONTAINING_RECORD is returning an invalid pointer. Show us the code for it. Func2 wprks just by chance, because is not dependant on the this pointer, but is nevertheless ilegal.

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This link pointed me to the right direction and I found the memory of object A retrieved by CONTAINING_RECORD has been overwritten before I visit this element. Thanks for your input. –  user527403 Sep 19 '11 at 22:30

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