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The concept seems simple enough: I am trying to implement fixed header scrolling by dividing the header into table A and the actual data into table B. By giving the columns precise matching fixed widths they should appear as one table.

However, depending on the number of columns I get weird rendering issues with any browser calculating column widths that turn up 1 or 2 pixels short or too long, causing the table to appear unaligned.

QUESTION: What is am I missing that is causing these off-by-one/two pixel rendering issues? Can I guarantee the widths using this approach, if so how?

I placed the code in a jsfiddle for ease of editing:



Please note that the fix has to work within the confines of applying it to making a Grid control (It can't just be a hack fix for the example that I posted).

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Not sure if this will work... and untested... but what if you gave

.PseudoGrid and .SGrid

a set width?

I've updated the fiddle:

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Genius! Didn't think I would need to respecify the width on the tables as well. worked in ie8, ff, chrome, and safari. Very nicely done ty sir – Feisty Mango Sep 19 '11 at 2:17
Sweet! Glad to help @Matthew! – Jason Gennaro Sep 19 '11 at 2:19

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