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I am fairly new to Sencha touch and finding it difficult to create a horizontal list. I can successfully create my list vertically passing in some inline data but cannot seem to figure out the way to present my data horizontally. I have tried searching through the forums and still cannot seem to resolve. Can someone please help me resolve this simple yet very frustrating issue for me.

My Steps so far:

1 Create a data model

    Ext.regModel('Alphabet', {
     fields: ['Letter']

2 // Create Data Store

App.ListStore = new{
        model: 'Alphabet',
        data: [
            {Letter: 'A'},
            {Letter: 'b'},
            {Letter: 'c'},
            {Letter: 'd'},
            {Letter: 'e'},

3 Create List

    App.ListPanel = new Ext.List ({
    store: App.ListStore,
    itemTpl: '<div class = "Alphabet">{Letter}</div>'

4 // Bind list to panel

    App.ListContainer = new Ext.Panel({
        type: 'hbox',
        pack: 'center',
        align: 'center'
    items: [App.ListPanel]

5 // Dock panel to root panel

Thanks in Advance

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Add this to App.ListContainer

scroll: {direction: 'horizontal',useIndicators: false}


Try docking this to the root panel

App.ListPanel = new Ext.Toolbar ({
      defaults:{ ui: 'plain'},
          items: [
                {text: 'ItemList_A'},
                {text: 'ItemList_b'},
                {text: 'ItemList_c'},
                {text: 'ItemList_d'},
                {text: 'ItemList_e'},
                {text: 'ItemList_A'},
                {text: 'ItemList_b'},
      dock: 'bottom',
      scroll: {
          direction: 'horizontal',
          useIndicators: false
      layout: {
        pack: 'center'
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Thanks for your input, however this doesn't achieve my goal. This line enables the container to scroll horiztonally. Currently my data is displayed as a b c d e vertically I need my list to be displayed as a b c d e horizontally – Anthony Sep 20 '11 at 5:36
See my updated answer. – ilija139 Sep 20 '11 at 8:02
This only adds items to a toolbar, and doesn't serve my purpose. I have a list that will be populated with data and also i will have buttons to add data to the list – Anthony Sep 21 '11 at 1:39

The solution to my problem was to add the items to a new panel using a hbox layout.

I don't think EXT.LIST was designed to be able to handle my issue.

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