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Is anyone knowledgeable on programming language implementation of algorithmic trading?

I am going to propose a research project on functional programming and algorithmic trading. My proposal is here: Any comments would be very appreciated.

What do you think the future of functional languages in the financial field is? I see many job postings that ask for experience in java and C++, and i dont understand why.

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Jane Street is very well known for using OCaml for their trading software. Here you can find some reasons why they decided to use functional languages rather than imperative ones. They also have a blog describing several specific solutions to problems they encountered during development.

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C++ is the most popular in that field. java , python ,haskall ,c# are all runners up

haskall and c# are functional with haskell being purely functional

eventually the field will move to a more "modern language" like c# or haskall but right now c++ has so much support the libraries are already made and its implementation is the easiest .

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For Trading application, it usually has Real time, multithread, low latency, high availability to consider too. I was working in a company developing a trading application using both(mixed) C++ and Java as it fit with the behaviour of the application.

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