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I can't figure out why it won't compile. And how do I make the error a string?

public class UserID {

  private String firstName; 
  private String lastName;  
  private String userId;  
  private String password;

  public UserID(String first, String last) {
     Random generator = new Random();

     firstName = first;
     lastName = last; 
     userId = first.substring(0, 3) + last.substring(0, 3)
        + generator.nextInt(1) + (generator.nextInt(7) + 3)
        + generator.nextInt(10);
     password = generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10)
        + generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10)
        + generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10);


Error Message:

UserID.java:36: error: incompatible types
            + generator.nextInt(10);
  required: String
  found:    int
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Reading your error message, it looks like it was looking for a String but found an int. hmm... I wonder if there is any function that converts an Integer to a String. –  arunkumar Sep 19 '11 at 3:23

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On the password line, you're adding Integers(When you want to be concatenating them) and putting it into a string without an explicit cast.You'll have to use Integer.toString()

So like this

password = Integer.toString(generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10)
        + generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10)
        + generator.nextInt(10) + generator.nextInt(10));

The reason it works in username is because you have Strings being added to integers the put into a String, so it's implicitly casting it to a String when concatinating.

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I Suspect the OP is trying to concatenate multiple ints as strings, rather than add them together then convert the sum to a single string. So he should be wrapping each generator.nextInt(X) in Integer.toString rather than the sum of them all. –  Michael Anderson Sep 19 '11 at 3:24
Yes. I agree that his goal is concatination, but in it's current state it's adding them. The solution is either Integer.toString() to to add a "" + before the whole thing. –  Nicholas Sep 19 '11 at 3:28
Thank you so much!!! Both of you saved my life for this project –  user951901 Sep 19 '11 at 3:31

Easy fix is to add "" first, e.g.:

password = "" + generator.nextInt(10) ...
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Better way is to use StringBuilder,

StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
sb.append(first.substring(0, 3));
sb.append(last.substring(0, 3));
sb.append(generator.nextInt(7) + 3);

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Look at the return type of generator.nextInt() it returns an int but you're trying to assign it to a String that's what it says: incompatible type you can't assign an int to a String.

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