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I'm setting up a scripted build of a cross-platform python app (Python 3) and I'd like to create all the distributables from linux. Is that possible?

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Short answer: no

I've been doing something similiar recently (using cx_Freeze with Python 3). If you set up Python inside Wine, you can generate a Windows build, but I had to copy some DLLs in before it worked properly (cx_Freeze calls a Windows API function that's not implemented in Wine). I've not run into any way of packaging applications for Macs without actually having a Mac.

Perhaps someone should set up a community build service so people could build distributables for different platforms for each other. That doesn't get round the problem of testing, though.

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sir, its been some time since this question was posted. Have any methods come up till then? –  IcyFlame Jun 1 '13 at 9:50
Not as far as I know. To use WINE to build Windows executables, I think this function would need to be written (it's currently marked as 'fixme' and 'stub'). –  Thomas K Jun 1 '13 at 17:00

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