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I have an app that needs to find a specific host/port on a local network. I would like to find something like bonjour that sits on a computer on a network and notifies whoever cares where they are, and a companion library for Android that I can use to locate this caller. Does something like this exist? I can't seem to find it, but perhaps I'm just not wording my search term usefully.


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I am building an app that discover a hardware IP/Port via Bonjour service. For that purpose, the Android app uses jmDNS which support Zero-Conf/Bonjour specs via Multicast. If your service end is already implementing Bonjour service, you could use the library to locate it. If you haven't gotten your Service registered, the following Quick Tutorial on jmDNS should be able to get you going.

It works by sending a Multicast message and the class that is trying to discover the service is implementing ServiceListener that listens when the Service is added/removed/resolved. Once the service is resolved you can get the ServiceInfo from the ServiceEvent.getInfo which contains both host and port

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cool, thanks I'll look into it... leaving the question opened for another day to see if anyone else chimes in with advice –  Genia S. Sep 19 '11 at 17:18

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