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My primary requirement for Java code review tool are:

  1. It should cover code formatting
  2. It should inlcude potential bugs like NullPointerException. For example, if any object does not referring to any reference then the tool should automatically show that there is a NPE.
  3. (optional) Performance of the written code should be included. For example, if I use Vector instead of ArrayList then performance might affect because Vector is thread-safe so more threads has to wait for its turn (this is how performance affects).

So please do let me know which tool will be the right one.

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May be a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/418821/code-review-in-java –  RC. Sep 19 '11 at 5:14
Your description of why Vector should be avoided is wrong: Usually it has nothing to do with waiting for other threads (because it's usually used in the uncontested case): In that case the overhead is just acquiring a monitor when it's not needed. –  Joachim Sauer Sep 19 '11 at 6:36
Minor nit: You're looking for static code analysis tools, not code review tools. –  pjz Sep 20 '11 at 13:40

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Every IDE has some kind of code formatting. I personally use Eclipse.

For potential bugs I have found FindBugs(http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/) to be the best. It's an Eclipse plugin. It also helps a little with possible performance problems.

CodePro Analytix is another tool I use, that's similar to FindBugs: http://code.google.com/javadevtools/codepro/doc/index.html which is an Eclipse plugin.

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For NetBeans, my choice is using PMD along with FindBugs. These tools help to improve my code quality

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Code formatting - Checkstyle as well as Jalopy. Code Review : FindBugs, PMD However, the one that I am most impressed with is sonar. Also consider, TDD in which case cobertura plugin is also an important tool in your aresnal.

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Please consider PMD. PMD even tells you about each rule, for instance, see the basic rules.

PMD can be tied into your Maven goals, just so if you are using Maven as part or whole of your build.

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Apologies, did not see Andrey's post on this. –  Oh Chin Boon Sep 19 '11 at 5:57

http://www.sonarsource.org/ sonar is good tool for control code quality and analysis. it's include PMD, checkstyle and other good tools

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