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I know, I know, this sounds soo easy. But I can't seem to find the correct answer on the Internet.

One of the solution I found was to use is_dir.

  echo 'directory exists';
  echo 'drectory not exist';

But this is wrong-- All this function does is to check whether the $dir is a directory, it doesn't check whether the directory exists, or not. In other words if I put:

$rootDir = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\test\\My Documents\\Image Directory\\Me Dog\\";

then the function will return a true, even though you can find no such directory on your web server.

Any ideas?

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This was a reported bug in php 5.2, though I can no longer find the link to the bug report. – Tim Post Apr 14 '09 at 7:55
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Should work correctly. From is_dir() documentation:

Returns TRUE if the filename exists and is a directory, FALSE otherwise.

Well, anyway if it doesn't try this:

if(file_exists($dir) && is_dir($dir))

BTW. results of these functions are cached in stat cache. Use clearstatcache() to clean that cache.

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+1 for the clearstatcache info, always useful to know – John Magnolia Aug 9 '12 at 8:04

You'll probably want to use opendir() after is_dir() agrees that the path (could) be a directory.

If the resource returned by opendir() is valid, you know you have a directory, and already have a handle to read it.

Just be sure to call closedir(), either way, if a valid handle is returned.


This answer assumes that you'll be opening the directory either way. If you just need to ensure a path is sane / valid, file_exists() is much cheaper.

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You could try this:

if(is_dir($dir) && is_writeable($dir))
    // ...
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not a solution to the problem, because non-writeable directories are directories too. – stefs Apr 14 '09 at 7:53
bool file_exists ( string $filename )

Checks whether a file or directory exists.


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