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Recently I was investigating p2p framework to use and I came across JXTA. Too bad, Oracle decided to dropped JXTA. Real shame for a nice software. Anyway the problem that I have is trying to start a node in rendezvous mode.

NetworkManager manager = new NetworkManager(NetworkManager.ConfigMode.RENDEZVOUS,...);

I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError when I call manager.startNetwork();

The class it is having problem with is: org/jboss/netty/channel/socket/httptunnel/HttpTunnelClientChannelFactory

JXSE 2.7 came with JBoss netty 3.1.5 GA jar file. And there is really no such a class in that release of Netty.

Has anyone successfully ran a JXSE rendezvous node and what should be the right Netty jar file with JXSE 2.7?

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try this jar file :

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Cheers, it solved the exception I was having. – Audrius Nov 8 '11 at 13:18

Here is how you can build a netty JAR with the correct set of classes in it to run JXSE 2.7:

  • Download the git repository from here: (I just grabbed the zip file)

  • Build it using maven:

    cd iainmcgin-netty-5f5c87b (or whatever the zip file gives you)
    mvn package
  • The build failed for me and I had to add the following XML to the pom.xml file, before the </project> tag:

    <pluginRepositories> <pluginRepository> <id>JBoss Repo</id> <url></url> <name>JBoss Repo</name> </pluginRepository>

  • I got another fail message from maven, but it seemed to create the jar file OK in a subfolder named target.

  • Final step is to make sure the jar file maven just built is in your classpath when running your JXTA programs. (the file is called netty-4.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar).

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Has anyone successfully ran a JXSE rendezvous node and what should be the right Netty jar file with JXSE 2.7?

Yes, I sure did. The dependencies are available here. It seems to me that the dependencies may not be on your class path.

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