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Earlier I run .sh and .rb file in the maven life cycle using the following,

                       <id>Version Calculation</id>

Now I want to run a .js file, I tried by replacing test.rb to some file test.js but its not working, any help to how to run a javascript file during maven lifecycle

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What exactly would you execute inside that javascript? –  Alex Objelean Sep 19 '11 at 5:54
I need to run some mongoDB commands in that JavaScript file –  Abhishek Kumar Sep 19 '11 at 6:18

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You should use a java class which is triggering javascript file. And with exec plugin you can run this file. The content of the file is like this.

import javax.script.*;
public class ExecuteScript {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
       // create a script engine manager
       ScriptEngineManager factory = new ScriptEngineManager();
       // create a JavaScript engine
       ScriptEngine engine = factory.getEngineByName("JavaScript");
      // evaluate JavaScript code from String
      engine.eval("print('Welocme to java world')");
      // or call file as you wish
      engine.eval(new java.io.FileReader("welcome.js"));
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