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What i am trying to achieve is that i want a user to signup and create an account on

www.my-domain.com .

Then he can access his file from the address


similarly for all the users.

Please suggest me the best way to manage this and an example on how to do this?

Also how will it distinguish between

www.my-domain.com/news and www.username.my-domain.com/news ? both these are separate files

I have set up a wildcard for the domain with just * entry in the A record type and copying all other addresses from those set for the ftp and www. but when i access my site with

abc.my-domain.com it throws a 404?

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There was a problem in the redirections. Anyone want to set up a wild card DNS for his domain can add an A-record with the value * in the first column and then copy all others as above that record then you can have your Wildcard setup. you can check that by writing ANYTHING.yourdomain.com to verify that the wild card is working.

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