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Can anyone kindly suggest me a good code review software that integrates with Eclipse, also inform me about the features of the software that i should be looking out for *We are not necessarily looking for An opensource solution*

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What do you mean by Code Review? Are you after something that the members of your team can use to review each others work? Or an automated tool to help you conform to certain standards? Or something else entirely? – Klee Sep 19 '11 at 7:35

what do you mean exactly with "code review"? there are a lot of good plugins to detect unnecessary code (for example). you could have a look at the following ones:


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Not sure if you are looking for an automated code review tool or something that your team can use to facilitate manual code reviews.

For automated reviews, there are many plugins available. See @thomas's reply for some options (assuming that the programming language is Java).

For tools that help your team conduct and facilitate manual code reviews, check out Atlassian Crucible. I have been very impressed by its features although it does take some time getting used to. Eclipse Atlassian Connector plugin, however, has dropped support for Crucible in it's latest version.

If you must have Eclipse integration, check out Jupiter or ReviewBoard

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This information is now out of date - The Atlassian connector no longer supports crucible

If you need a tool that will allow members of your team to review each other's code, check out Crucible - It has all the features you're probably going to need and there are plugins for Eclipse that will allow some integration - check out

Hope this helps.

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