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There is an unacknowledged war that goes on every day in the world of programming. It is a war between the humans and the computer scientists. It is a war between those who want simple, sloppy, flexible, human ways to write code and those who want clean, crisp, clear, correct ways to write code. It is the war between PHP and C++/Java.
- Adam Bosworth, from a 2004 speech on the primacy of simple, sloppy systems over rigid, perfect ones.

I came across the above quote recently.
Somehow I think if it's a war, then to win it there has to be a popular Banking application built in PHP which is also in use. Why Banking, I don't know :-) But I would like to know if there are any Banking applications built with PHP and also in use by real banks?

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Probably... the answer is "no".

Is there any facebook game developed in C++?


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