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Given the following string: 2011/09/18 11:59PM EDT, 2011-09-18T23:59:59+00:00

How do I extract the timezone part from this string using PHP?

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Do you mean "how do I parse out the EDT?" Or do you mean something else? Please provide some more details. –  paulsm4 Sep 19 '11 at 7:13
Got the solutn below answer is what i need.thanks –  atluriajith Sep 19 '11 at 7:19

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Create a new DateTime object from the string, and use getTimezone on it to get the timezone:

$time = '2011/09/18 11:59PM EDT';
$dt = new DateTime($time);

See it in action.

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Thanks for your support. –  atluriajith Sep 19 '11 at 7:19

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