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I just submitted an app to Apple and it was rejected because we were requiring users to register a credit card and then use our service by charging some amount from their cards. I don't want to add in app purchases because they deduct the 30% of the amount paid. I also checked a paypal app in which user enter his credit card payment by paypal app and that is on app store how the things are possible now for me.

Any suggestions, links, or thoughts will be helpful.

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Well Apple only allows In app purchases when you are using digital goods. You can only use for example paypal if you you are selling non digital goods.

If apple reject your app for not using IAP then you only option is to use IAP. Yes apple will take 30% of the amount, but they will supply the backend and transaction systems so it it reasonable that they charge you for that.

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But what my app do is i register user credit card info on a web site then user can purchase offer i provide on my site by using web methods as i call the web methods i will deduct the applicable money from their cards.Actually the transaction is happening on the back end on server but on iphone we send that i need this item and it will be purchased and highlighted on iphone .Still i used to do the IAP.? – Ballu Sep 19 '11 at 9:05
Read the appstore guidelines: – rckoenes Sep 19 '11 at 9:25

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