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I need a news feed for my web site. Similar to track the activities of other users similar to what facebook news feed does.

I am thinking of creating a Log (db table) and query from that table. But then this table going to contain massive data and going to query very frequently.

I need suggestions for design this functionality.

Does anyone have advices for me ?

Thanks in Advance

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The key to making this design scale is to keep the log table small so that queries don't take long. A key insight here is that most requests require the latest data. So one possible solution is to age your table as it grows: whenever you pass a certain row count threshold you create a new table.

With this design your application queries the new table first, and if it doesn't find enough rows that satisfy your query, you can query the next table (the previous one, time-wise).

You'll need to fine-tune this some: maximum number of tables to query, maximum number of tables to save, etc., but that's very application-specific - it depends on the number of users, their posting frequency, and the level of connectedness of the social graph on your system.

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It works much like rss news feeder.

You can use pub/sub pattern to forward posts to your friends feed.

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