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RedirectToAction with parameter

I am in controller home, in ActionResult Id which has a list of string name get returned from a method. I want to RedirectToAction (Id2) using that list. In View -> Id2 the ViewData of that list name get is null, doesn;t contain the list of the Itemsn populated. How can I redirect from an actionResult to another view of another actionresult passing parameter?

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Use like this

If there are more than one parameters then:

return RedirectToAction("actionname", new { id = "id", name="name" }); // change parameters according to requirement

If you have only id as parameter then:

return RedirectToAction("actionname", new { id = "id" });
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RedirectToAction( new RouteValueDictionary( 
          controller = "mycontroller", 
          action = "myaction", 
          id = "MyId" 
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thx.it was really helpfull. –  studentsss Sep 30 '11 at 7:55

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