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I've been messing with my AS3 codes trying to find a way to get a loaded swf unloaded by pressing te close_btn which is in the loaded SWF. I can't seem to get that to work, so Maybe you guys know a way to do this.


main_swf loads swf_1.

And in swf_1 is the close_btn which should unload swf_1.

So that we get back to main_swf.

Any ideas?

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you can declare a following function in main_swf:

private function killSWF1():void{


and then pass it into the loaded swf:

private function onInit(e:Event):void{
    _mc = loader.content as MovieClip;
    _mc['toCall'] = killSWF1;

and in the loaded swf you'll have just to call it: toCall()

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main_swf has a loader which loads your swf_1.

my suggestion would be: If close_btn is on the main stage of the swf_1. When a close_btn gets clicked:

function handleClose ( e : MouseEvent ) : void
    // this needs to be in the root section of the swf_1
    this.dispatchEvent ( new Event ( Event.CLOSE ) );

inside the main_swf after the swf_1 has been loaded:

loader.content.addEventListener ( Event.CLOSE, handleContentClosed );

function handleContentClosed ( e : Event ) : void
    // removing the event listener, making the content ready for GC
    loader.content.removeEventListener( Event.CLOSE, handleContentClosed );
    // removing the actual content from the place it was added
    removeChild ( loader.content );
    // unloading and stoppping the loaded swf
    loader.unloadAndStop ();

more info about unloadAndStop()

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