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I have an HTML helper textBox like this:

@Html.TextBox("txt1") <br />

Now I want to fire a javascript onchange event on this textbox. Is it possible to do so or should I use an HTML input type instead.

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You can specify html attributes using the htmlAttributes parameter of the TextBox Html helper method like so:

@Html.TextBox("txt1", null, new { onchange="..." })

See: InputExtensions.TextBox Method

From the above link:

The htmlAttributes parameter consists of an object that contains name/value pairs. The attributes that are specified in the name/value pairs depend on the HTML element that is being rendered.

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If you have an ID for this textbox, you can hook the event to the textbox using Jquery.

$("#textboxid").keydown(function(event) {

Note that I've used the Keydown event. You can also use press or up events.

Or you can make the binding in the ready event.

        $("#textboxid").bind("onchange", yourfunction);
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