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I am working with a multiple top level windows application. The main window is a MDIFrameWnd, I put some code in CWinApp to switch m_pMainWnd when switch top level window. It's work fine but fire a assert when I close one of the main window. This assert is from CMDIChildWnd:

void CMDIChildWnd::AssertValid() const
    ASSERT(m_hMenuShared == NULL || ::IsMenu(m_hMenuShared));

It look like the window be closed release the shared menu. I try to find out where the menu is released in MFC framework, but can not find it. Could somebody help me? Thanks..

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I found the problem is. A Menu bar control in main frame will destory menu in its dtor. Thanks every one.

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The CMultiDocTemplate class has ownership over the shared menu (it destroys m_hMenuShared in it's destructor).

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