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I am given a video calling software which implements an activex control to render the video in a web browser. As activex works only in IE i am given the task of implementing a cross-browser version of the activex control using FireBreath framework. I need to write a wrapper class for the activeX control.

I am new to activex,visual studio(eveything involved in the project). And the activex code has thousands of lines of code. It is taking a long time for me to understand the code.

Does anyone have any good example wrapper classes and any other suggestions or links which would help my project?

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The closest I know of is this:

It's an example of hosting an activex control inside a FireBreath plugin. You'd be better off (and a lot cleaner) if you can do a complete port, but it may be possible to do it with just a wrapper; you may also want to look at the WebView library in FireBreath itself, which embeds IE inside a FireBreath plugin. You can find it here:

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Thank you for the link :) – kairav Sep 21 '11 at 8:59

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