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I am getting three types of value from the database when I am fetching value from a field.

All values are with double quotes. Those values are "Fitness Head, Fiteness " Head and Fitness Head". I have to replace all double quotes with double double quotes using Java. What will be the java code to do that?

Thanks, Somnath

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could you first enlighten the issue you have with double quotes. Maybe you are looking to escape them in these values? – Saket Sep 19 '11 at 10:28
What could you be doing that requires doubling the double quotes? SQL handling? CSV generation? – Donal Fellows Sep 19 '11 at 10:34

You don't need to replace double quotes anywhere if you are using JDBC to insert/fetch the values - this is all taken care of as long as you use PreparedStatements and placeholders.

See this tutorial.

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Use String.replace

For example

String doubleQuotes = "\"Fitness head";
doubleQuotes.replace("\"", "\"\"");
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Replacing single double quotes with double double quotes:

"abc\"def".replace("\"", "\"\"")
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What about this:

String newValue = oldValue.replace("\"", "\"\"");

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