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I am trying to replace a specific pattern in a text string. That pattern is a href containing the word "sak".

My script currently looks like this:

ccontent=ccontent.sub(/<a .+?href=\"([^\"]+)\"[^\>]*>Sak<\/a>/,  '')

The problem is that this replaces the entire string. (the string contains two links). The problem is somewhere around the `a .+?" symbols, it runs through the link i want to Replace entirely and goes into the next link and replaces that whole link as well.

But I want it to STOP when the first pattern match is reached so that it only erases "sak" link.

How do i make the pattern match stop at the first time it reaches the 'href'?

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Your expression is greedy, because .+? will actually keep matching any character as long as the pattern still matches.

Just use the [^>]* character set you're already using at the end of the regex:

ccontent.sub(/<a [^>]*href=\"([^\"]+)\"[^>]*>Sak<\/a>/,  '')
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