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I'm working on a MLM project where there are around 15500+ registered users. As I'm very first in MLM project, I'm getting some problem while trying to run a script (updatedata.php). My Script works for:

  1. Updating Total Downline of member (script need to run through 15500+ users)
  2. Updating daily Payout of each users
  3. Cleaning Chat History
  4. Cleaning Old Private Messages (1 month old)
  5. Calculating Total Income of Company.

The script need to run through entire 15500+ members to do this (As I'm continuing learning easy process- i'm 6 month old in PHP).

But my Shared Host provides maximum 30 seconds of execution time, so my scripts always fails. Then I tried to use the below code:

 *====== A part of process here=======

sleep ( 2 ); /// Now the script will be sleep for 2 second
 * Then other part of process will run here
sleep ( 2 ); /// Again will sleep
* Then another part of process will run here
// Thus so on...

But I thought sleep() will stop the PHP script. i was a dull, (Now I know that sleep() also a component of the PHP script) may anyone help me what should I do for it ? -I'm using Apache Server Or How to design a Cron Job ?

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If your script takes long, you need to raise the execution limit. Additional you should post your script's code and the database design so your question can be actually answered. – hakre Sep 19 '11 at 10:37
The easy solution is to split the script into smaller parts and run them individually instead of having one big script. If you can't raise the execution limit, cron doesn't help as PHP run through cron is subject to same restrictions. – Juhana Sep 19 '11 at 10:44

try this:

<?php set_time_limit(0); ?>

if you didn't set that your normal script excute 30 second.but after set that you have a bit more time for executing.

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