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i searched a lot for an answer to this question but i did not find any helpful resource. I am doing a post on my wall with "{0}&display=page&canvas=1&redirect_uri={1}", works just fine, i posted on my wall and as a response i get a post_id in query string at my *redirect_uri* (i do the post with dialog). Now what i cannot manage to do.. is to obtain the full post information with facebook graph, without using FQL, i found lots of examples of how to get it with FQL Select .. but i realy want to make this just with a Graph call. I do all these in .net, i tried on the facebook grapk explorer: this is the exact url: . Using the http GET method and having access_token i get the answer i want but doing this from my code i don't succeed. if i do a GET to the i get an answer as string false... and if i add the ?access_token=MY_ACCESSTOKEN in querystring i get error 400 bad request. i have a class with this method:

 public Facebook.JSONObject GetPostInfo(string postID)
        //"&access_token=" + this.Token
        string url = "" + postID ;
        string json = this.WebRequest(MyFacebookAPI.oAuthFacebook.Method.GET, url ,String.Empty);
        return Facebook.JSONObject.CreateFromString(json);


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OK.. i finally found the solution:

if (CanvasAuthorizer.Authorize())
            var fb = new FacebookWebClient();

            dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();
            parameters.message = txtMessage.Text;

                dynamic id = fb.Post("me/feed", parameters);
                lblPostMessageResult.Text = "Message posted successfully";
                txtMessage.Text = string.Empty;

                //get post id
                IDictionary<string, object> data = new Dictionary<string, object>();
                data.Add("access_token", CanvasAuthorizer.FacebookWebRequest.AccessToken);
                dynamic thePost = fb.Get(String.Format("{0}",, data);

                string post = String.Format("Post:{0} From: {1} Message: {2}",,, thePost.message);
                lblPostMessageResult.Text = Environment.NewLine + post;
            catch (FacebookApiException ex)
                lblPostMessageResult.Text = ex.Message;

where first part makes the post with "message" and second part we get post with the id we got back from the post.

You need to have extended permissions: publish_stream,read_stream in order for this to work + adding the access_token as parameter into the Get method. I hope my post will help some people that have troubles getting it right.

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