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What's the best way to create hit counter using php, which can be embedded to any external site/forum using simple image. e.g. <img src=""></img> and save visitors info like IP address and http referrer to MySQL database?

Can't find any info about this... is that even possible to do this?

Thanks for help.

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You could have a look at AWSTATS

I was hoping there was a simple way to connect to google analytics data and then generate the counter graphics with imagemagic or similar. They did have some 3rd party apps for that - but in my opinion they where to much for a simple counter - or just plain ugly.

AWStats will parse the logfiles, which could show you stats in the past also.

You could also create a very small code to save IP addresses into a visitors table, then check against that table when counting unique visitors. And could use a cronjob to update counter-image a few times a day (update on every visit probably not needed).

Getting IP:

function checkIP()
    if ( getenv( 'HTTP_CLIENT_IP' ) )
        $ip = getenv( 'HTTP_CLIENT_IP' );
    elseif( getenv( 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR' ) )
        $ip = getenv( 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR' );
    elseif( getenv( 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED' ) )
        $ip = getenv( 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED' );
    elseif( getenv( 'HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR' ) )
        $ip = getenv( 'HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR' );
    elseif( getenv( 'HTTP_FORWARDED' ) )
        $ip = getenv( 'HTTP_FORWARDED' );
        $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
    return $ip;

For other visitor info, check out the $_SERVER options and others..

Also, if there will be a large number of sites that embed the counter, you could just grab the count itself. (and each site using it can display it with some css etc..).

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