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I specify the dataprovider in a subsonic Select as in the following example:

SubSonic.Select(Databases.BLLDB).From(Of Country)().ExecuteTypedList(Of Country)()

yet I get the error: Invalid column name 'BLLDB'

(it seems to be treating the dataprovider as a column string).

Is this the correct syntax for specifying the dataprovider?


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This would work better but there are easier ways to do the same thing:

public void Exec_SOTest()

    var test = new Select(DataService.GetInstance(Databases.Northwind))

    Assert.IsTrue(test.Count == 77);
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Strings are for columns with selects, unfortunately. We should have a struct that returns a provider - but if you use the Repository bits you can work ask for the select statement from the repository you need.

Other than that - Paul's got a good idea here.

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