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I'm working here on a project and currently I'm stuck on the following problem. It is about a QTableView which has a column called "Description", the cells of this column contain a QPlainTextEditDelegate. I'm failing on setting the Height of the QPlainTextEdit everytime it is entered. Right now it behaves like a QLineEdit until I drag the row ( in which I'm active at that time ) of the QTableView larger.

What I want to do is to change the Height of the QPlainTextEdit once I entered it. What are your suggestions? How can I proceed to get this thing done?

Thank you all in advance!

BTW Sorry for my poor english :/


Ok I solved it, but without sizeHint, I used updateEditorGeometry :

void updateEditorGeometry( QWidget* editor, const QStyleOptionViewItem & option, const QModelIndex & index ) const;

And inside this Method, you can set the width or height like you want


But thank you anyway!

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You should reimplement QAbstractItemDelegate::sizeHint method to return expected height when you create your editor. I don't think that it's necesary to emit QAbstractItemDelegate::sizeHintChanged signal after creating editor, but documentation doesn't say anything. If it doesn't work without it, you should emit sizeHintChanged after returning created editor widget to notify view of need to change row height.

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Thanks for your answer I implemented the sizeHint method in my Delegate subclass but it gets never called. Meanwhile I was searching for the reason and found a message in the Qt-interest Archive. The person claims that it worked after he added : tableView.verticalHeader( )->resizeSections( QHeaderView::Custom ); tableView.horizontalHeader( )->resizeSections( QHeaderView::Custom ); But that didn't solve the problem. Then I found another suggestion which says to disable stretchLastSection, but that didn't work, either. You mentioned to emit sizeHintChanged(),where should I place it exactly? –  tolga Sep 20 '11 at 7:57
Size hint is called independent of editor existence - if your editor is bigger than for DisplayRole, you should emit sizeHintChanged afer creating your editior for given item (so in createEditor and setEditorData if size is data-dependent), so qt knows that it should now reserve more space. It is strange that your sizeHint doesn't get called - make sure that you are having exatly the same method declaration - sometimes missing const or something is causing method to be treated as different one and (obiously) not treated as virutal-override - therefore it doesn't get called. –  j_kubik Sep 30 '11 at 16:36

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