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Given the mapped hibernate class:

public class MyTestClass {
  /* id and stuff */

  private Integer aValue;
  private Integer bValue;

you can do the following with HQL:

Query query 
  = getCurrentSession().createQuery("select aValue * bValue from MyTestClass");
List<Double> resultList = query.list;

and get the calculated result out.

Is it possible to do something similar to this with the Criteria API? I still haven't found a way to use math operations with the Criteria API. We have aggregate functions like sum, avg and so on, but not the basic math operators?

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You can make a new property in your class that is this computed value. Just specify the formula attribute for that property. Then you can include this property in your Criteria.

<property name="product" formula="aValue*bValue" />

formula (optional): an SQL expression that defines the value for a computed property. Computed properties do not have a column mapping of their own.

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you can always add it as sql I think there was some sqlProjection/sqlRestriction method

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