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I am having array like bellow.I don't understand how it is created.

 xyz Object ( [foo] => 10 [foo1:protected] => Array ( [b] => 5 [b1] => 6 ) )

my questions

  • What is xyz
  • How can i get the value of b1
  • How this array is created
  • How :protected is used in array
  • What is the difference between this one and normal or stdobject array

    Thanks in advance

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xyz is an object, not an array. Read the manual. – Jon Sep 19 '11 at 12:48
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This is an instance of class xyz which contains fields : foo and foo1.

 class xyz
     var $foo=10;
     protected   $foo1=array("b"=>5,"b1"=>6);
     public function getB1() { return $this->foo1["b1"];}

  $a=new xyz();

// print $a->foo1["b1"]; // can't be accessible due to protection
  print $a->getB1();
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$avd :how can i extract b1 value – Gowri Sep 19 '11 at 12:54
@gowri - protected members of class are not accessible outside the class definition. You can "encapsulate" it via a public method. – AVD Sep 19 '11 at 14:06

1) I believe that is the object or class name (can't remember which).

2) You can't outside of the class unless you have a public getter for the array (it's protected).

3) It's not an array, it's an object. It is initialised somewhere in your code.

4) Protected is a class access keyword, it's not used with arrays.

5) stdClass (assuming that's what you mean) wouldn't have a set var protected (somebody correct me if that's wrong).

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