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I am lazily loading an object from hibernate using the following line of code Object object = session.load(Class.forName(javaType), objectId);

If I print object.getClass().getSimpleName() it displays the name of the hibernate proxy and not my implementation class as expected.

However If I then use reflection on this proxy object to return an attribute called children as follows: List children = (List) object.getClass().getMethod("getChildren", new Class[ {}).invoke(object, new Object[]{});

It is returning a list of objects where object.getClass().getSimpleName() on any of the objects returns the implementation class name. Why are these objects not returning the proxy object name?

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The list itself can be lazy-loaded, but if you enumerate the elements, an sql query is required and there would be no performance gain to create a proxy for each element (on the contrary).

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