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I'm working with a system that uses the following permission scheme:

1 - Permission A

2 - Permission B

4 - Permission C

8 - Permission D

16 - Permission E

The permissions for a user is stored as the sum of the permission values. For example, if a user has permissions B, C, and D, 14 is the number that is stored. (2+4+8)

Is there a fast way to find out if the user has permission D that doesn't involve a full expansion of the permission string? (Taking a power of two until greater than the stored number, subtracting off that power, until the target number is reached)

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$has_D = $perms & 8;


$has_Nth_perm = $perms & (1 << ($n-1));


function has_nth_perm($perms, $n) {
    return $perms & (1 << ($n-1));
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Have a look at bitwise operators.

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I'd thought that there was something like this I could do, but I don't understand how to apply these in my particular issue. –  Jeffrey Sep 19 '11 at 12:52

The fastest way is doing bitwise operation:

if( $permission & $D_PERMISSION ) { do_stuff(); }
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// 64-bit manipulation safe even on 32-bit systems
// $dec_str is a DECIMAL integer or a string of decimal digits
// returns binary looking string with 0's and 1's
function longint_Dec2Bin($dec_str) {
    if(longint_is_32()) {
        $dec_str .= ''; // convert to string if not already
        while($dec_str!='0') {
            $bin_str .= chr(48 + ($dec_str{strlen($dec_str)-1}%2));
            if(function_exists('BCDiv')) {
                $dec_str = BCDiv($dec_str,'2');
            } elseif(function_exists('gmp_div_q')) {
                $dec_str = gmp_strval(gmp_div_q($dec_str,'2'));
            } else {
                die("This PHP installation lacks both BCMath and GMP. 32-bit environments like this require one or the other.");
    } else {
        return decbin($dec_str);
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OMG! This is very complex alternative for bitwise operations! –  Yousf Sep 19 '11 at 14:03
Agreed. And if a 32-bit processor could do 64-bit operations it would not be needed. –  Charlie Sep 19 '11 at 22:04

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