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I have implemented an Ajax based button on the listing page that will add the product through Ajax. However i am having problems with the cart shown on the top. I want to update the cart as well.

The cart phtml file is located in checkout/cart/topbar.phtml
I am new to coding, since we need to give prototype.js http path to the file to process i can not find any http path to topbar.phtml so i can update the div with the content. If anything is unclear please let me know.

I tried to be very specific about my problem.
I want to update the div containing top cart, the cart phtml is already there its being called from $this->getChildHtml('topcart') the file path in server is checkout/cart/topbar.phtml

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Have you considered using one of these ready made extensions?

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Thank you for the answer but i don't want to use any extensions. I already created some of the code using prototype to add a product into cart and it works fine. The only place i am stuck is to update the top cart. Its already being loaded i am just wondering how to reload it again after the product is added. (through prototype.js) –  Sunny Sep 19 '11 at 13:48

In the admin section go to

System -> Configuration -> developer

after that go to the top left of the page and change the Current Configuration Scope to "Main website" and then change "Template Path Hints" and "Add Block Names to Hints" to Yes

Now, when you open the magento store you'll see the block names of every magento object, so look for the one you need and finally do:

$block = $this->getLayout()->getBlock('header_cart');
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