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I need to create a Wiki using FCKeditor in which I want to provide the flexibility of embedding videos by users. Does FCKeditor support video embedding? If not, are there any plug-ins available for FCKeditor?

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I believe it does. Unfortunately I'm not at work today so I can't easily double check, but there is this and this on the FCKeditor forum from 2008. Do these help?

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I did something like that at my forums: How to insert a video. Here's the code of the plugin: fck_postvideo.html and fckplugin.js.

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You can create a plugin that simple adds a flash object (supported by default) which is a player and configure it to play some video.

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Well, unless you are using HTML5 I'm assuming you'll be using Flash to display video. FCKEditor has a built in dialogue box for embedding flash movies.

Take a look at the demo and look for the Flash control found on the second row, 6th icon in from the right.

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