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I'm wanting to create a website and have users log in to my site, etc. BUT I don't want to have to get them to create a username/password, etc. So I'll ask them to authenticate with their Facebook account (assuming they have one).

So I've had a look at the Authentication docs on Facebook and I'm wondering if

  • Does the Facebook C# SDK have any libraries/code that does a lot of this heavy lifting?
  • If so, any links to sample code I can see? I've tried having a look at the Samples folder in the source code .. but there's nothing that suggests this.

Cheers :)

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Here's one example using MVC3 and the Facebook C# SDK library

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Yup, this is very close to what I do on my site, atmybase.com. The Facebook C# SDK is very easy to use. I highly recommend using it rather than trying to build your own Facebook code. – Chaddeus Sep 20 '11 at 7:08

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