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What I'm trying to do is to create a table pager control using jQuery. It contains lots of links and spans. I've managed to do this with plain string concatenation, but I can't believe that jQuery can't make this more elegant. I can't use jTemplates here since the generation has quite a bit of procedural logic.

Question: is there a way to create an array of HTML elements with jQuery and append them to some container?


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$([$('First Element'), $('Second Element')]).appendTo($('body'))

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String concatenation (or Array.join) is fine, as long as you make it pretty ;)

var structure = [
    '<div id="something">',

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There is always append().

$('#container').append('<span>foobar baz</span>');

It seems to me that just using string concatenation and append would be the least complex, and probably fastest option. However, following is an untested example of a way to (arguably) simplify the creation of elements, and allow you to append them to a given parent element:

function elemCreate(type, content, attrs) {
   /* type: string tag name
    * content: string element content
    * attrs: associative array of attrs and values
    elem = '<' + type + '></' + type + '>'
    e = $(elem).attr(attrs)
    return e

stuff = [];    
stuff.push(elemCreate('a', 'Click me!', {'href': ''});

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return e isn't working for me return e[0] is working – Azd325 Apr 10 '13 at 13:59

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