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I need to revert all files in a working directory that match the name "test" anywhere inside the filename.

Is it possible to revert all this 3 files by using hg revert -I syntax:

  • /includes/atest.txt
  • /test.txt
  • /test/test/test.txt
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It should work (I cannot test it right now) with the following syntax, according to issue 1697:


hg revert "glob:*test.*"
# or
hg revert -I "*test.*" --all


hg revert 'glob:*test.*'
hg revert -I '*test.*'

(Note the simple quotes for Unix)

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It only works for file extensions not for filenames. – danip Sep 19 '11 at 14:06
@danip: considering a glob pattern is a "Shell-style glob", if it works for a shell, it should work as well in the Mercurial command. – VonC Sep 19 '11 at 15:04

To expand on the given answer above

You can include all files in subdirectories in your revert by using the following syntax:


hg revert "glob:**\*test.*"

And I assume Unix would be:

hg revert 'glob:**/*test.*'
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