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i've got a question about ant and String split. In a IniFile i've a section "[app_version]" with 1 element: "VERSION = 3.48". My goal is to split "3.48" in 3 and 48. I've try to read the ini file sucessfully with this code and it's work.

            <target name="get_new_version_number">
        <property file="${basedir}/Ini File/Config.ini" prefix="config.">
        <property name="version_actuelle" value="${config.VERSION}" />
        <echo message="version de l'application: ${version_actuelle}"/>

but, how can i split "3.48" witch is my value, in 3 and 48. I need to do this to increment 48 each time i execute the script. Thanks by advance for your considerations. Regards.


thanks for your answer. I've try your solution but it not work for me because, i've got for result, 3.48.1,, etc I really need to increment "48" so i have to split my value 3.48 with split fonction or something else. But, again, thanks very much for your time. regards

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The Ant addon Flaka provides a split function, f.e. =

<project name="demo" xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">
 <property name="yourvalue" value="3.48"/>

 <fl:echo>#{split('${yourvalue}', '\.')[0]}${line.separator}#{split('${yourvalue}', '\.')[1]}</fl:echo>


if you have further requirements -- you mentioned a "need to increment" -- you have to give more details.
It's no problem to wrap it in a for loop with Flaka.

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Simplest solution would be to read the major number from the ini file and then use the buildnumber task to manage the incrementing number

<echo message="${majorNum}.${build.number}"/>
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