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this is a question about the myecplise editor plugin for eclipse.

let's take this simple example:

  1. not so pretty javascript (because namespace is cluttered)

    function blubb () {//do stuff}


  2. prettier javascript (because we wrap it all in variable bla to not clutter the namespace)

    var bla = { blubb: function () { //do stuff } }


if i press Ctrl and click on blubb() in example 1 i get taken to the function declaration. if i click on blubb() of the bla.blubb() part in example 2 i do NOT get taken to the function declaration. why??!? how can i fix it?

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looks like it's a bug/missing functionality so the boys from myeclipse are on it: myeclipseide.com/… –  nerdess Sep 22 '11 at 10:07

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